Nautical Wheeler on Aftcra

Last month I was contacted by Aftcra, a site featuring products handcrafted in the U.S. and also a place that I sell some of my handmade jewelry through.  I was excited that they wanted to interview me about my jewelry line, Nautical Wheeler, and give people a sneak peek at my home office.  The interview went really well, and I felt that it gave me a chance to share my story as well as give some insight to the business side of things.  I love being on Aftcra because it gives you a chance to reach out to sellers who are handcrafting the product but it’s also important to know where the products you purchase are being made.  At Nautical Wheeler Jewelry all the jewelry is handmade in the U.S.A.!  Which I think is why Aftcra and Nautical Wheeler make such a good fit.  Check out the whole interview and more on Aftcra’s Blog!

Nautical Wheeler on Aftcra

Polishing jewelry in my home office. I love to keep things around me that remind me of the beach. That coral statue is a perfect example!

Nautical Wheeler on Aftcra

I keep pendants, rings and other pieces from my collection on display, in case I need to grab something quickly for a photo shoot or just to wear out.

Nautical Wheeler on Aftcra

I’ve said this on many occasions and I think it still holds true. I thought about starting Nautical Wheeler Jewelry for a year before I actually did it. That’s a whole year I could have been doing something instead of just thinking about it!

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