About The Nautical Wheeler

Hi, I’m Jen.  Owner and designer of Nautical Wheeler Jewelry.  I create handmade jewelry designs inspired by my favorite place, the beach!  I have lived on the coast (both east and west) throughout my life. There is no place I would rather be than by the shore.  Take a peek through my blog to find out more about the girl behind the jewelry, my inspirations and more!

15 responses to “About

  1. p.s. how do I connect with you on facebook? I couldn’t find you.

  2. so glad you commented and I got to find your blog! I love it!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog hun! Love your jewellery off to check out your Etsy shop! 🙂 xo K

  4. Nice blog you have here!

  5. Love your blog…very nice 😉

  6. Thanks for your comment on my “How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway” post! You have a nice blog! I’m actually in the process of getting things done for my own etsy shop! I love DIY things 🙂

  7. Such a cute blog! Thanks for stopping by to visit mine!

  8. I love your stuff – SO cute!

  9. Great photos! Keep posting please…

  10. hi there

    I love your site and I love the Get Salty pic on Pinterest and am
    Using it as inspiration for our new logo….We desperately need
    The original High Res version of that image for our new logo…any ideas
    Of how I get that would be greatly appreciated


  11. Hey there, Jen! Loving you blog – in fact I nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award if you’re interested! (http://semisweettooth.com/2015/06/05/creative-blogger-award/)

    P.S. This is slightly self-serving, as I love seeing your sources of inspiration. 🙂

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