DIY Nautical Rope Mirror

I love adding nautical and beachy details around my home.  It always makes me feel like I’m never far from the beach.  This DIY I spotted looks fairly easy and doesn’t involve too many materials.  I already have some rope, now I’m just on the look out for the perfect mirror!

DIY Nautical Rope Mirror



1/2-inch-thick natural-fiber rope (from home-supply stores)
Unframed 10-inch round mirror
Cement glue
Painters’ tape


Measure and cut 2 segments of rope, one to fit around the mirror’s outer edge, the other to fit just inside the first.
Glue rope to mirror, lining up the ends for a neat seam.
Secure with painters’ tape until dry.
Once dry, make a knotted hanger: Cut a 45-inch length of rope, and tie a knot on both ends (we used a variation on the figure-eight knot; see diagram).
Glue knotted ends of rope to sides of mirror; one knot should cover the seams. Secure with painters’ tape until dry.

Check out the Martha Stewart site for the step-by-step video!

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