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Summer Travel Outfit

Summer Travel Outfit

Making Waves Earrings / White Sunglasses / Pink Baseball Cap

Pink Bomber Jacket / Off The Shoulder Top

Mermaid Bubble Cuff Bracelet / Nautical Rope Bangle / Hammered Cuff Bracelet

Sandals / Skinny Jeans / Beach Bag






















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Wanderlust – Glow Worm Caves of New Zealand

How amazing are these glow worm caves?!  Located in New Zealand, these mineral rich caves attract illuminating creatures like glow worms in large numbers.  The glow worms suspend from the cave formations creating a dazzling ceiling.  You enter the caves on the upper level by foot and take a boat the rest of the wave through.  I think these caves are a stunning example of the hidden beauty that surrounds us!

glow worm caves glow worm caves glow worm caves glow worm caves

glow worm caves

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Seaside Villa in Mykonos, Greece

I was in awe when I spotted this seaside villa in Mykonos, Greece.  The villa is broken down into smaller homes and apartments for rent.  The apartments are sunlight-filled and finished with smooth white walls, floors and finishes.  Take a look:

v4 v7 v7a v8 v11 v12 v13

v3 v14


via Of the Heart blog

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Wanderlust to Fiji

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Wanderlust post but after seeing these images on WOW, I knew I had to share!  Fiji is made up by a grouping of tropical islands located near New Zealand.  The islands of Fiji are known for their tropical forests and exotic fish.  Check out this beautiful place:

Fiji fiji fiji fiji fiji fiji fiji fiji fiji fiji fiji

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Travel Quote


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January 19, 2015 · 9:00 am

Menorca Beach House Tour

This beach house in Menorca is the epitome of laid back.  I love the clean white lines that allows the eye to focus on the bright blue sea outside.  You can almost feel the ocean breeze!  My favorite room is the outdoor eating space (shown below).  I’ve always loved eating outside and with a view like that I’d probably eat every meal out there!

v11 v12 v14 v17 v18 v30 v34


via Sea of Girasoles

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Wanderlust : Chefchaouen, Morocco

Hidden inside Morocco’s Rif Mountains is a beautiful city filled with stunning shades of blue.  Chefchaouen, pronounced (‘Shef-sha-wan’) also known as the “Blue Pearl”, a reference to the blue buildings that fill the city.  Take a look!









via Jean-François Gornet

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