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Summer Outfit Inspiration – May Favorites

This morning I wanted to share some of my fashion favorites for May!  I’ve been finding it helpful to map out an inspiration board for outfits (especially when packing) as it offers a visual guide.  Summer vacations are right around the corner and unfortunately I’m the type of packer if I don’t plan my outfits in advance, I end up with more bottoms than tops or vice versa!  Take a look:

Summer Outfit Inspiration - May Favorites


beach tote – I’m obsessed with the color and those rope handles!!

palm tree stud earrings – been wearing these on repeat while I wait for things to warm up

pink sunglasses – I love the shape of these, classic with a twist of chic

endless wave ring – the hammered finish on this ring adds a touch of sparkle

beach iPhone case – I like my iPhone case to match my vacation  😉

linen sandals – just slip these puppies on and go!

cutout halter dress – organic cotton everything,  please



























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Wednesday Wishlist – April Fashion Favorites

I wanted to share some of my latest fave pieces for April/Spring!  I’ve been kind of obsessed with the whole straw shoe trend that’s been happening.  (Actually I’ve been kind of obsessed with anything straw lately)  I’m left wondering just how comfortable they really are??  I own a few pairs of espadrilles but they have an interior liner so I never really had to worry about the comfort factor with them.  If you own a pair, let me know how they worked for you!

Wednesday Wishlist - April Fashion Favorites


turquoise cuff bracelet

gold stacking cuff bracelets

straw bag

straw shoes

coral nail polish


sun kissed pouch


























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Spring Fashion Picks 2018

Not too long ago it was National Stripes Day! (3/31)  Something I didn’t know existed until only recently.  I shared some of my favorite stripes in my Instagram stories that day.  Including a blue and white striped top that I will forever obsess over!  When it comes to stripes, I find that I lean towards the blue/white color combo.  It’s such a classic combination of pattern and color.  Which is why I think it’s trending for Spring this year.  Check out some of my favorite fashion picks (including stripes!) for Spring:

Spring Fashion Picks 2018


  1. wave bracelet
  2. straw bag
  3. tie front top
  4. striped swimsuit
  5. striped linen pants
  6. sunglasses
  7. sandals
  8. anchor ring
  9. striped scarf























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Fashion Favorites for March

This morning I’m sharing my favorite things for March! Some of these items you probably saw in my Instagram stories, including the candle (which I’m obsessed with btw!). I absolutely love the scent (canyon mist) and I especially love that the container is reusable. I’m thinking about using it as a planter later this Spring. What are you loving for March?


Fashion Favorites for March


  1. stripe cami
  2. gold cuff bracelet
  3. linen pants
  4. straw bag
  5. 2econd life candle
  6. aviator sunglasses
  7. straw flats

























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What to Pack for Spring Break

One of the biggest tips I can give you for packing is to pick a color scheme and stick with it.  Not only does this make packing for a Spring Break or any vacation easier but it also makes it easier to find outfits once you’ve arrived at your destination.  I’ve been talking lately about how much I love the pinks and corals for Spring (don’t worry though I still hold turquoise as my #1 love!).  Pink works well with any neutral and can sometimes even work as a neutral itself.  Check it out:

What to Pack for Spring Break


pink dress // mermaid scale necklace 

pink sunglasses // pink straw hat

tassel tote bag // pink sandals

pink bikini

























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Early Spring Fashion Picks 2018

Today I’m sharing my top Spring fashion picks for 2018 and there’s a bit of a color trend happening.  For Spring, I’m really loving corals and pinks mixed with neutrals.  I’m also loving natural fabrics, so lots of cotton and straw materials.  Check it out:

Early Spring Fashion Picks 2018


  1. coral sweatshirt
  2. mermaid scale necklace
  3. straw hat
  4. staggered hem jeans
  5. coral one piece bikini
  6. pink circle sunglasses
  7. straw bag
  8. pink ruffle bikini























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Fashion Favorites for February 2018

Today I’m sharing my February Favorites!  Which is all the things I’ve been loving and wearing this month.  Also stylish trends that have been popping up, like fun passport holders and raw edge jeans.  Take a peek:

Fashion Favorites for February 2018

  1. flared sleeve sweaters – especially when they come in aqua!!
  2. moonstone necklace – love this in both the gold and silver version
  3. fun passport holders – this one is too cute!
  4. rope rings – no matter where i am, i can always find the most nautical pieces
  5. raw edge jeans – i’m all about the casual comforts while it’s still cool outside
  6. iridescent candles – this one comes in a coastal scent!
  7. clear framed sunglasses – i love the sleek look of these and because the frames are clear, that way they go with more outfits
  8. iridescent iPhone cases – obsessing over the mermaid scales and the color!!































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