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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mermaids

It’s that time again, to shop for the beautiful mermaid in your life and shower her with some sweet gift for Valentine’s day!  I also love giving mer-mazing gifts to my gal pals because galentine is real and deserves to be celebrated!!  Check out the treats:


Valentine's Day Gifts for Mermaids


  1. beach candle
  2. mermaid jewelry dish
  3. mermaid wave hair spray
  4. mermaid tail earrings
  5. mermaid mug
  6. mermaid off duty tee
  7. mermaid tail ring
  8. mermaid tail rug
  9. mermaid iPhone case
  10. mermaid beach towel


























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Mother’s Day Coastal Gift Guide 2018

I’m excited to share with you my Mother’s Day Coastal Gift Guide for 2018!  I’ve done this the last two years and from what you guys have told me, it’s been a really helpful way to gather gift ideas for your beach loving moms.  It’s also been really helpful for me since until I started making this gift guide, I was a bit clueless as to what I was getting my own mom for Mother’s Day.  There’s several different gift options below that cover moms who like to bake, moms who love the spa and of course, mermaid moms (and more!).  Take a peek:

Mothers Day Coastal Gift Guide 2018


  1. sea glass geo candle – isn’t this the prettiest candle you’ve ever seen?!
  2. clean perfume set – natural and clean scented gift set
  3. mermaid keychain – this one’s for the mermaid mom!
  4. gold starfish earrings – handmade in the shop + lightweight, perfect for your coastal lovin’ mama
  5. passion journal – loving the vibrant color of this journal, it would be so easy to find if you misplaced it
  6. mermaid scale necklace – another great one for the mermaid loving moms!
  7. air plants with driftwood – this is perfect if you’ve got a crazy plant lady for a mom
  8. seaglass wine – for the seaside wino
  9. mom wine glass – two of these and a bottle of wine would make such a sweet gift
  10. sea salt chocolates – because yum!
  11. mermaid scale iPhone case – i love the pretty colors on this
  12. a simple table cook book – sweet and simple for the mom who loves to cook
  13. love knot bracelet – a cherished way to say, “i love you, mom”
  14. beach hair travel set – gift sets are a great option to let mom try out lots of different products
  15. ocean mist and sea salt diffuser – let mom’s house smell like the beach even if she doesn’t live there
  16. sea salt spray – adds volume and waves to hair, perfect for the mom on-the-go
  17. seaside cookie cutter set – this is a fun set for the mom who loves to bake!


























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Valentines Day Gifts for Mermaids

Looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for the mermaid in your life?  Well I’ve got just the thing!  Actually I’ve got ten of them, ten mermaid filled Valentine’s Day gift ideas!!  There’s everything from handmade jewelry to beauty products and more.  Check out what made the list:

Valentines Day Gifts for Mermaids

  1. rainforest of the sea lipstick
  2. sea glass ear threaders
  3. mermaid jewelry dish
  4. mermaid scale iPhone case
  5. mermaid sheet set
  6. mermaid cuff bracelet
  7. mermaid hair care set
  8. mermaid scale blanket
  9. mermaid jewelry holder
  10. mermaid scale pillow

























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