What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

I spent this past weekend in Newport, RI attending my best friend’s Spring wedding!  There’s nothing better then being in one of your favorite places with one of your favorite people.  As with any event, I was left wondering about what to wear to this Spring wedding.  If you’re finding yourself in the same boat, no worries!  I’m sharing my wedding expertise (I’ve been to somewhere around 36 weddings!).  P.S. These tips also work for a baby or bridal shower as well as any type of Spring dance!

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Let’s start with the main part of your outfit, the dress.  (Side note: jumpsuits are also acceptable!)  If you think it’s going to be warm enough and not too early in the Spring season, a knee length cocktail dress is fully acceptable.  Unless the wedding invitation says, black tie, then I go with a full length cocktail gown.  The dress I’m wearing is from Donna Morgan and it’s actually a bridesmaid dress, although I didn’t realize it at the time when I ordered it.  I picked it out last year, as soon as I received my wedding invitation because otherwise I forget and end up running around last minute trying to find a dress.  (Color note:  I think it goes without saying not to wear white to a wedding but I also try to avoid wearing the same color as the bridesmaids if I’m not in the wedding party).

Let’s talk makeup and hair.  For Spring weddings I like the idea of keeping everything fresh and light.  I gave my hair a more natural wave and forgoed any heavy products that might weigh my hair down.  This was a great hair style for Spring in Newport.  Keep in mind the location and humidity of the place where the wedding is being held.  When I’ve been to destination weddings in tropical locations, I always put my hair up and hairspray becomes a necessity.

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

As far as makeup, I kept it pretty natural using mostly Bare Minerals.  I like to stick with beauty products that are kind to my skin.  I recently discovered their new Hydrating Foundation Stick.  My skin has always been more on the dry side and this gave my skin a well hydrated look with a soft glow.  I’m also in love with their Buttercream Lip Gloss in Sugar.  It works really well with my complexion and is a nice pop of pink for Spring.

I’ve always found the easiest part of getting ready for a wedding is the accessories.  My trick for pairing the right accessories with my dress is to match styles.  If you’re going for a bold look, try just one or two bold pieces of jewelry to complement your look.  Since my look for this wedding was more on the romantic side, small and delicate layers of gold helped to highlight the soft flowing nature of my dress.  Also, did you know that gold jewelry can help bring light to your face and skin?  Win, win!

I already had this soft pink clutch that seemed perfect for a Spring wedding.  I loved the pink against the turquoise of my dress and along with the pink lip gloss, it helped to really tie in the whole look.  I didn’t have time to get a manicure or even to do my own nails so I opted for a soft matte look by using a buffing block.  This only takes a minute or two and offers a polished finish when you are short on time!

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Last but not least, shoes.  Even though this was a day wedding, since it ended in the evening, I went for a black pair of heels.  I’ve found you can’t go wrong by having a black pair of heels and a nude pair on hand.  If the wedding had ended during the day, I probably would have chosen the nude instead.  When choosing footwear it’s important to keep in mind what you’ll be walking on during the ceremony and reception.  Flats and wedges are great for weddings that happen on a beach or lawn as there’s no heel to sink into the sand or grass.  Heels are always fun and my personal preference since I’m on the shorter side.  Overall, you should love your look and feel comfortable enough to dance the night away!
























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