Tropical Inspiration

I was feeling like I needed a little inspiration for Spring and ever since I found out about the Marsh Botanical Gardens last year, I’ve wanted to go.  It seemed like the perfect day to do it, so why not?  We popped in and out of all the greenhouses we could, toured the campus and ended the day at the beach (which is only about seven miles away!).  By the end of the day, my crazy plant lady vibes were back in full bloom, just in time for Spring!

Tropical Inspiration

Entering the first greenhouse!


Tropical Inspiration

Many of the greenhouses had smaller rooms inside which created a cozy tropical experience


Tropical Inspiration

Some of the plants were so tall, it looked like they needed to raise the roof


Tropical Inspiration

cactus reaching for the sky


Tropical Inspiration

The biggest bunch of bananas I’ve ever seen and one of the many tropical fruits growing here


Tropical Inspiration

There are plenty of petals too!


Tropical Inspiration

a close up of some of the succulents


























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