What does Handmade mean?

I wanted to take a minute to talk about what handmade means to me. I realize a lot of people have no idea what goes into making a piece of Nautical Wheeler jewelry but behind the scenes it’s all real people aka me! There’s no machines of mass production, no large corporations and no big flashy signs. It’s just me, hard at work, surrounded by various seashells and greenery. ⠀

Every piece has its own story and came out of its own spark of inspiration. I don’t design pieces because I think I can sell a lot of them, I design a piece of jewelry because I fell in love with it before I ever made it. When I come up with a jewelry design there’s an inherent need to create it, like an itch that must be scratched. ⠀

When I say handmade, I mean really handmade. From beginning to end, from scrap metal to a beautifully formed ring, I make everything by hand and send it off into the world to be loved and cherished by one of you! I put so much love into every piece, that’s part of the handmade process. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t make it. I only want to spend my time making pieces that bring me happiness and I believe all that love and happiness will be passed on to you, my customer. Hopefully in turn, you feel how important you are, to be part of the handmade journey every time you wear your Nautical Wheeler piece!!


I originally posted this on Instagram but really felt moved to share this on the blog as well to give everyone a deeper look into my line, Nautical Wheeler Jewelry
























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