What to Wear in this August Heat – Stylish Summer Outfit

Wowza! Does it get hot and humid in August!!  Today I’m sharing a few easy peasy ways to beat the heat with a cute and stylish Summer outfit.  My secret?  Linen, linen and linen!  It’s an effortless fabric that only looks better with wear.  I actually love it when it gets a little crinkled.  No fancy pants here!  If you’ve never owned anything linen, let me tell you, linen is pure awesomeness.  And the linen you own doesn’t have to stop at what you wear but goes into bedding, napkins and pillows too!  All of it is GORGeous!!  So go on and drape linen over everything in your life.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!


What to Wear in this August Heat - Stylish Summer Outfit


crop top – let that cool breeze hit your midriff people and you will be cooler  😉

linen pants – OR shorts but I prefer pants with a crop top

coral branch necklace – keep accessories to a minimum so you don’t feel weighed down in the heat

sunglasses – thin and light frames feel cooler than chunky larger frames

straw bag – small crossbody bags leave you hands free for shopping and don’t feel as heavy as their big leather counterparts

gold cuff bracelet – choose one or two skinny bracelets and skip the larger statement ones à la Wonder Woman style

espadrilles – I love the easiness of slip-ons and open-toed shoes are a must to beat the heat during August!
























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