DIY Nautical Rope Tray

I’m excited to share my latest DIY with you!  This DIY is for a nautical rope tray which gives that perfect coastal vibe to an entryway or coffee table.  I used mine on my entryway table and I love it!  Not only does it help brighten up the small space but it always creates a stylish vignette with pieces I already had grouped together.  I used the same rope from my other DIY, DIY Coastal Rope Planter.  I had a bunch of rope left over from that project and still have some more even after making this rope tray.  Not sure what else I can do with it, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.  Check out the step by step to create your own nautical rope tray for your space:

DIY Nautical Rope Tray

DIY Nautical Rope Tray


  • rope
  • scissors
  • thread
  • liquid stitch
  • something to protect your counter or table

DIY Nautical Rope Tray

*Note for size reference:  The first bend you make and how many times you go around that bend with rope will determine the overall size of your finished tray.  I made a bend at about 1.5″ and my overall tray size was 8.5″  x  7.25″.

Step 1:  Make the first bend of your rope and glue together using a line of liquid stitch.  You’ll want to tie a piece of thread around the bended portion (see below) to help hold it in place while the glue dries.  *Note:  Make sure you don’t get any glue on the thread, this will let you cut the thread and pull it out once you’ve finished your tray.  **Also note that you will not need to keep tying thread around every bend just one or two in the beginning.

Tying a piece of thread around your first bend after placing a line of liquid stitch will help hold it together while you work on your piece.

Step 2:  Continue adding a line of liquid stitch as you move your way around.  I only needed to tie one more piece of thread and the rest of the tray held together pretty well, even while I was still working on it.  Keep going around till you get to the size that you would like.

DIY Nautical Rope Tray

This is what my tray looked like finished while drying. You can see the two pieces of thread tied in the middle. Once the tray was fully dried, I cut them and pulled them out from between the rope.

Step 3:  (Optional)  I added a short wall around my tray to give it more of a tray like feel and less of a large coaster vibe.  This step is optional and if you don’t want to add a wall then your tray is done.  If you would like to add a wall, simple start putting the liquid stitch on top of the rope and stacking it.  Very gently press down on the stacked pieces of rope as you go around to ensure connection.   This way you won’t have any gaps in your wall once the glue dries.

DIY Nautical Rope Tray

A closeup of my finished rope tray.

Step 4:  Once you’ve reached the wall height you would like, cut the rope and voila!  your tray is finished!  Let dry for a full 24 hours or per instructions on your liquid stitch, before placing objects in the tray or placing the tray on a table.


































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