Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

I always like to change up my hair a bit from season to season and Summer is no different. I found some really cute hair styles that I can’t wait to try. I’m especially loving the twisted pigtail braids (second pic) and if you click through the link, there’s a really easy tutorial on how to get the look! Check it out:

Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

beach waves aren’t just for the sea!


Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

Twisted pigtails via Raising Buddies – how perfect would this hair style be for a hot day?!


Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

Half up / Half down – always a classic! via Nautical Wheeler


Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

Single side braid


Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

keep it sleek!


Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

messy bun – the go-to hair style when you’ve been in and out of the water all day


Summer Hair Inspiration 2018

add a scarf for a chic and effortless Summer look

via Pinterest
























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