Raspberry Nice Cream Recipe

I’m so excited it’s finally June!  I count today as the start of Summer and to celebrate I’m sharing my Raspberry Nice Cream recipe (a non-dairy ice cream alternative).  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek in my Instagram stories last week.  This is a super simple dessert recipe with only TWO ingredients! and takes about 5 minutes to make.  What I love about this nice cream recipe is that there’s no added sugars, no dairy and also no soy.  Yay for being allergen free!  It also doesn’t have canned coconut milk in it, which is something I tried experimenting with, and found that it didn’t keep the nice cream as creamy as I would have liked.  This recipe has the texture and creaminess of a soft serve ice cream (love!).  Grab the recipe below:

Raspberry Nice Cream Recipe

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  • 2 – ripe bananas
  • 1 – 12 oz bag of frozen raspberries
  • 1 – box of ice cream cones (optional)

Raspberry Nice Cream Recipe


  1. Peel your bananas and place in the food processor with the full bag of raspberries
  2. Blend till you have a creamy consistency
  3. That’s it!  Time to eat!!

*A few notes:

*If you have leftovers and put them in the freezer, the next time you take your nice cream out try to allow about 30 minutes to left it soften before serving.

*Also I haven’t tried this with other berries but I’m betting you could swap out for other berries or even other fruits and it would be just as delicious!

Raspberry Nice Cream Recipe
























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