Spring Hairstyles 2017

I wanted to share some of my favorite Spring hairstyles for 2017 because sometimes I can get stuck in a hair right and I have a feeling I’m not alone!  We girls need to shake things up, especially if you’ve been wearing your hair in a ponytail for too long.  So take a look at some of my favorites for Spring:

Spring Hairstyles 2017

The top bun is always a classic

Spring Hairstyles 2017

Messy braid is perfect for the beach

Spring Hairstyles 2017

Low bun works great if you’re in a hurry

Spring Hairstyles 2017

Side braid is one of my go-to hairstyles

Spring Hairstyles 2017

Wavy hair can take a little time but I love the outcome

Spring Hairstyles 2017

Twisted half up – half down – this is another go-to of mine!

Spring Hairstyles 2017

I love this take on the braided ponytail with no elastic showing

Spring Hairstyles 2017

Half up / half down with a braid

Spring Hairstyles 2017

Fishtail bun

See more via Pinterest

Spring Nail Art Trends 2017


















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