9 DIY Spring Planters

After last week’s post, 5 Tips to add Greenery to your Spring Entryway, it’s clearly no surprise that I’m a crazy plant mama!  Although I only showed a very small portion of the plants that I own.  I also have to add that I am maintaining some serious self control over plant shopping this Spring.  Which in the past has never happened!  So today I wanted focus on something plant related and I thought I would share some very sweet and green, DIY Spring planters.  Many of these are pretty easy to make and it’s always nice to have something unique to put your plants in.  Take a look:

9 DIY Spring Planters

Turquoise and white is my everything when it comes to colors! Check out this Patterned Box Vase via Make and Tell

9 DIY Spring Planters

I love these mini terrariums and who doesn’t have a spare wine glass or two? via Independent

9 DIY Spring Planters

Lately I’ve had a bit of a cloche obsession, especially since they’re so easy to change. via Sand and Sisal

DIY Coastal Rope Planter

This coastal bad boy now sits on one of my bedside tables and I love looking at him! So much better than the before! You can check it out in my post, DIY Coastal Rope Planter

9 DIY Spring Planters

Confession: this one uses faux plants but I still think it counts! Also you could easily do this with real air plants. via Homemade by Carmona

9 DIY Spring Planters

Now I need room for a boat to put my plant babies on! via Country Living

9 DIY Spring Planters

This one would be pretty easy to pull off! via House of Hawkes

9 DIY Spring Planters

This one is an ikea hack! but you’ll need Google Translation for it. via vtwonen

9 DIY Spring Planters

Mini floating shelves? yes please! via Fall for DIY

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