Goal Setting in 2017

Goal Setting for 2017

Goal setting is something that is very important to me.  It’s something I do on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.  On a daily basis, my goals look more like a to-do list but if you think about it, a to-do list is really just a set of small goals!  I recently finished reading Habit Stacking by S.J. Scott.  One of the things I learned from reading this book was how important it is to set small do-able goals because small goals are BIG motivators.  It feels really good to accomplish goals even the small ones.  Often times these small and easy to accomplish goals can lead to achieving bigger goals that on their own may have seemed unreachable.

Goal Setting for 2017

Another thing I learned from Habit Stacking, is to create goals that you either do or don’t do.  What I mean by that is don’t create goals with grey areas.  A very common new year resolution is to lose weight but this is a goal with a HUGE grey area.  If your goal is to lose 15 pounds there’s 14.99 pounds of grey area.  If you only end up losing 10 pounds, you lose focus on the amazing fact that you lost 10 pounds and instead focus on the fact that you didn’t lose 15 pounds and therefore didn’t achieve your goal.  Do you see what I’m getting at?  So in 2017, let’s make it a point to focus on the positive by not creating goals that make us feel gloom. For example if you say, “I want to lose xx number of pounds in 2017,” let’s change that to, “I want to join a hiking club,” or “I’ll make it a priority to walk the dog every evening.”  This creates smaller goals that over the course of a year can lead to a much larger goal.
Goal Setting 2017


My own goals for 2017

  1. Engagement – This is something I started working on a month ago because I figured why wait until the new year to get a jump start!  What do I mean by engagement?  I’m not talking marriage proposal.  What I mean is doing a better job at interacting with you (my readers) as well as all my followers across social media.  In the past I’ve focused heavily on responding quickly to emails but I’ve learned that if I want to grow my business consistently, I need to respond across all platforms.  After all, it isn’t called social media for nothing!cooper
  2. Playtime – This past Christmas I learned that my little dog, Cooper, has a very progressive heart disease and most likely won’t be around for 2018.  I adopted this little guy about five years ago and expected to have at least another five years with him.  It was a heart-wrenching moment to learn that wouldn’t be the case.  So for 2017, I want to make the most of every day with him.  I decided that after our morning cuddle session, we’d spend another five minutes or so playing before breakfast.  It’s a fun activity for the both of us and allows me to create more time to spend with him.  That five minutes a day becomes 35 minutes a week and over two extra hours a month (you get the idea).
  3. Updates – As a blogger and an entrepreneur, I found it’s important to make small consistent changes throughout the year.  This allows for fresh content and designs so that things don’t start to feel out-dated.  There have been several small changes to my website and blog that I just didn’t get to in 2016.  So I’ve decided that I want to cross these items off my list of goals within the first half of the year.  (A very do-able goal!)  One of these goals is to give the blog a bit of a refresh.  It’s been about two years since I’ve added or changed anything to look of the blog and I think it’s definitely time.

Share with me!  What are your own goals for 2017?  Do you like the idea of setting smaller goals to achieve larger ones?








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