Tasty Christmas Leftover Recipes

No matter how tasty and delicious your Christmas dinner was, sometimes you don’t want to be stuck eating the same dinner for the next few nights just because you have a ton of leftovers.  Here are some amazing Christmas leftover recipes, each one caters to a different food group, depending on what you might have for leftovers including oysters, potatoes and more!

Christmas Leftover Recipes

Leftover turkey? Try this Turkey Pot Pie Soup


Christmas Leftover Recipes

Leftover oysters can get a little tricky but don’t worry this Leftover Stuffing Oyster Recipe has got you covered!


Christmas Leftover Recipes

Did you ever notice that pumpkin is everywhere even after Halloween and Thanksgiving? If you’ve got too much pumpkin on your hands, try this Pumpkin Oatmeal Recipe


Christmas Leftover Recipes

This recipe for Potato Ham Chowder would be perfect for lunch


Christmas Leftover Recipes

I didn’t know potato waffles existed until I saw this leftover recipe. What a tasty breakfast for the morning after Christmas.


Christmas Leftover Recipes

If you’ve got a ton of leftover vegetables, grab the recipe for this Vegetable Soup!


Christmas Leftover Recipes

Salmon Cakes are easier than you think to make!


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