Sea Glass Wine Stoppers

What is Sea Glass?  Sea glass is glass that has been slowly dissolved and tumbled by water, sand and rocks.  Tumbling gives the glass a smooth and frosted finish.  Sea glass is also known as Mermaid Tears.  The term, “Mermaid Tears” comes from an old story which says that when a sailor dies at sea, a Mermaid would cry and her tears (or sea glass) would wash up on on shore.

Sea Glass Wine Stopper

Sea glass can be found anywhere on any beach but you’ll have the best luck at beaches that are near dumps or old naval yards.  These are typically places where glass has been thrown into the sea and had time to be tumbled by the waves.  Older pieces of sea glass may tend to be smaller in size but come in beautiful and unique colors like lavender, cobalt blue and red.  Newer pieces of sea glass may not be as rounded but can be larger and are typically found in hues of green, white and brown.

Sea Glass Wine Stoppers

Our Sea Glass Wine Stoppers are crafted from newer pieces of glass and available in coastal colors like blue, aqua, green and white.  These stunning wine stoppers are larger in size and usually measure 1 1/2″ wide.  Their shapes will vary slightly but in general are round and have a smooth frosted finish.  There may be a small amount of pitting or tiny bubbles but this is all part of their beauty!


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