My Interview with 9th & Elm

Recently I was interviewed by Elly of 9th & Elm.  I always love sharing my inspirations behind the jewelry!  Take a peek…


“I’ve always thought of myself as someone who has a lot of love to give. When I send out a piece of jewelry, I send out a little bit of my love and appreciation with it. I think everyone deserves some of that.” What a beautiful sentiment from independent jewelry designer, Jen of Nautical Wheeler Jewelry. It’s this kind of thinking that makes us love working with independent and handmade designers here at 9th & Elm!

Jen’s love for creating jewelry was ignited when she was inspired make friendship bracelets and modestly go door to door selling to her neighbors. While she realized that she was starting out small at a very young age, her love for jewelry design only grew with age! She’s come such a long way now that she’s producing some of the most gorgeous pieces we’ve ever seen that evoke a sense of simply beauty all through her collection. In fact, she believes that simplicity is key to her designs since she feels that sometimes the trendy embellishments often take away from metal and stones’ natural beauty.

When asked about how she enjoys working as an independent artist, she replied, “There’s something about working with my hands that I find to be very rewarding. It’s very special to create something with your own two hands and send it off to someone who will love and wear it every day!” We absolutely agree and applaud independent designers everywhere for the tender love they put into each of their handmade products!

Jen’s favorite piece from her current collection is a delicate feather ring. It reminds her of the feathers that can be found at the beach… “The feathers always have a slight curve to them from being blown around by the wind and that’s something I find to be very beautiful.”

via 9th & Elm


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