Spring 2015 Inspiration


Here’s a look at my latest inspiration for the Spring Jewelry line for 2015.  Inspiration is always a must when you’re designing a collection.  Certain things tend to catch my eye, whether it’s texture, color or shapes.  The beach is always my biggest source of inspiration (of course!) but I also find inspiration out at sea.  The texture and smoothness of the ocean has always eluded me in terms of capturing it in a piece of jewelry but each season I feel that I come closer and closer!


Beach treasures are another source of inspiration. Items that have been tumbled by the waves and washed up on shore are always a mystery and delight.




There’s something about being out at sea that’s so inspirational. The heat from the sun shining above and the cool calming sea below you.



Turquoise was the main color I focused on for Spring. It’s always been my favorite color and I love the way it pops against both silver and gold.




Expect to see A LOT of turquoise for Spring and most likely it will continue through into Summer.



Texture was another thing I focused on. Expect to see not only smooth round bands for rings but also ones inspired by nautical and beach finds.



I started working with enamel for the first time and LOVED it! I’m using it in unexpected ways and most of the Spring Jewelry Line is centered around this.


Oh yes and did I mention sea glass? There’s going to be some of that too!


Of course you can’t have a Nautical Jewelry line with out anchors and I’m very excited about the new anchor pieces!!



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