Apothic Dark Wine Review

Let me first start by saying how much I love Apothic Red and White!  It’s not too often that I find a brand of wine who’s red and white I both love.  Upon appearance Apothic Dark looks like the perfect wine to put out at a Halloween party.  The wine itself is a very dark reddish-purple and the bottle has a black label and black cork.  I absolutely loved the spooky appearance of this wine.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the taste.  This wine has A LOT of sediment.  I let the bottle sit for three days and then ended up straining it twice.  The taste starts out smooth but finishes dry with a feeling of sediment stuck to your tongue and cheeks.   Not something I enjoyed!  Overall, I was pretty disappointed and won’t be picking up another bottle of this anytime soon.


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