Skinny Girl Sangria Review

With Summer just around the corner, it was definitely time for another cocktail review!  This time I got the ladies together to review the Skinny Girl Sangria.  I’ve tried other bottled sangrias before but only reds so I was excited to try this.  Throughout the winter I spotted this bottle on the shelf of my local liquor store but the mood to try it never really hit me till this past weekend.


When you first open the bottle there’s a yummy citrus-y smell that pops out at you.  After smelling it, the ladies and I couldn’t wait to try it!  There’s a REALLY strong citrus taste that hits your palate first.  Followed by a light tropical after taste.  Unfortunately the general consensus was to dump out the bottle.  Only 1 out of 6 “kinda” liked it.  We tried mixing it with some OJ but the citrus punch was still overwhelming.  I was pretty disappointed by the Skinny Girl Sangria, especially after liking the piña colada and margarita blends.  Overall I give it 2 stars.


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