Home Inspiration

For the past two months I’ve been planning on redecorating my home and have been scouting out ideas.  A real layout is starting to come together and I’m very excited about it!  I still need a lot of filler pieces & accessories.  The other day while surfing Pinterest, I discovered this amazing online shop called Jonathan Adler.  I had heard of the designer himself before, but had no idea he had an actual store.  Some items are a little out of my price range but I don’t think it will hurt picking out 1 or 2 pieces.

1} Turquoise & gold has always been a color combo that I’ve loved.  When I spotted this vase I instantly fell in love.

2} Cozy blanket throws are a must!  especially when done in a stylish pattern

3} I’ve been looking for lots of brightly colored pillows for the sofa

4} A beautifully shaped mirror

5} Colorful glasses with geometric shapes, remind me of the ones I’ve seen in Morocco



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4 responses to “Home Inspiration

  1. LOVE the vase and the mirror. Great picks!

  2. love the jonathan adler tumblers! so cute!
    xx theflossylife.com

  3. super cute! i’m in this redecorating phase too, i’m finding it so hard with SO many options! xo Jacqlyn

  4. That vase is crazy beautiful!

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