Skinny Girl Pina Colada

I recently tried the Skinny Girl Pina Colada.  I needed a break from the week, so I picked up some bottles and invited a few girl friends over.  There were mixed reviews among the ladies, but overall I really liked it.  The taste is very much of a pina colada drink with a nice coconut after taste.  It’s a little bit sweet and after one glass most of us had enough.  Still an amazing low cal alternative to the real thing!



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6 responses to “Skinny Girl Pina Colada

  1. Ooooo yum! This sounds delish. I will definitely have to try that this summer!


  2. Did you blend it with some ice?

  3. sounds like something I need to try 🙂

    xo Lisa

  4. Style By Carla

    Yum – I’ll have to give that a try! Skinny Girl Margarita is really good too!

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