Vintage Finds

Check out my Pinterest Board, Must Love Vintage. Vintage finds from all over the web, which of course includes Etsy. Most are home decor pieces since I’m in the process of remodeling and decorating! I’ve always loved to mix in vintage pieces with the new.



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6 responses to “Vintage Finds

  1. I love all about vintage!! Amazing post 🙂

    I invite you to…

    A chic kiss 😉

  2. Adorable pieces 🙂 I’d love to get rid of some modern stuff and replace them with vintage items. Hehe I’d even love to use normal phone again!
    Lovely post. Happy Easter weekend!

    x Satu

    Indie by Heart

  3. I am def check this out! I need to get a Pinterest account as well 😉


  4. Pretty colors – love the peachy reds and olive greens!

    Thanks for the love on PNB!

  5. aw, this reminds me of my mom. she always used to drag me antiquing when i was little, and i hated it cause i didn’t see the beauty in everything. my parents house is filled with this type of rustic, vintage decor, and its lovely. thanks for sharing, xoxo

  6. love your blog and all these fun vintage finds! sucker for all things vintage!!
    found your info from my friend Rachael who loves your etsy shop.
    if you get a free minute, check out my blog & etsy store that has lots of fun vintage crates with fun rope detail.


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