Etsy iPhone Case

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately but I’ve had a major iphone case obsession. Last month I bought this paisley iphone case from J. Crew and this past weekend I bought this sunglass iphone case by Marc Jacobs. Now I find out that there are amazing iphone cases on Etsy. Soon my little iphone will have a closet all its own!


Which style do you like?



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19 responses to “Etsy iPhone Case


    X ELLE

  2. Feathersandfaith

    I love Etsy, you can find some gems on there. I just brought this cute owl iphone case as a gift. Its brilliant! πŸ™‚
    Feathers and Faith x

  3. Aya

    I absolutely LOVE all of these! I am actually considering getting one of them… they are at such great prices! THanks for sharing! xo

  4. all of these are pretty! i bought a polka dot kate spade case a while back thinking it would be great, but it didn’t fit right! maybe i should be looking at some of these…

  5. These iphone covers are so cool! I’m going to start looking for some myself too. woot!

  6. These are great! I love number 3!

  7. I’m a bit obsessed too. I have the jcrew leopard one and lately find myself looking for a spring option.

    xo Mary Jo

  8. I want them all!!!! I really like the case that looks like a camera though πŸ˜‰


  9. #2 and #6 are so cute!

  10. J’adore the elephant!

  11. the elephant for sure! I love the color.

  12. Oh my, I just bought a J.Crew iPhone case yesterday (with hearts all over it) and I think I have a new obsession!

  13. These are all so cool! ^^ I bought one for my bf that seems like a C-cassette! You remember those πŸ˜€ It’s hilarious, people must wonder if he really is talking to a tape, hah.

    I would love to get that elephant one, if I had iPhone ^^
    Elephants bring luck. x

    – Indie by Heart

  14. They’re all great! My favorite is the air mail case. I wish we had such cute cases for the Epic.

  15. M.E

    they are great… shame i’m still using blackberry πŸ˜‰

  16. since i broke my cover recently, i’m in the market for a new one – so thanks SO MUCH for sharing this! i love #4 and #6, but i would take any of them πŸ™‚


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