Fashion for Spring

Time Out New York recently did an article on the Best Spring Dresses. I love all the cobalt blue ones, especially the one with the asymmetrical hem. {On a side note: Does anyone feel they often love dresses that their bf/husband would hate?}

Which style would you wear?



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18 responses to “Fashion for Spring

  1. These are all so pretty! I’d definitely wear the first and fifth ones. They’re my kind of silhouettes. And the patterns are so fun!

  2. These images get me so excited about the warm weather…adore the third dress!!

  3. i’m a fan of the cobalt wilfred sabine pick – so pretty!


  4. i too love the cobalt color. and have been obsessing over all the lace lately too.

  5. J’adore both the cobalt dresses!

  6. I love the bottom left dress — what a great shape!
    xo Josie

  7. Aaaahhhh GASP!!! Love that asymmetrical blue dress!!!


  8. I love dresses for spring and summer time.

  9. i like them all, but the third dress at the top, i love the print and shape of it

  10. Verna

    I love this. Plus, I am loosing weight so I can start wearing these.

  11. Such great dresses! The first one is my favorite!

  12. Bee

    I’m definetly wearing nauticals for spring! Got a blue dress like the one you posted.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on nice and pretty 🙂

  13. do i have to choose? i’d wear them all!

  14. nickedborrowedcopied

    Ooouh!! I LOVE those prints, Jen! Can’t wait to see more down here in Aus, although we’re getting to the ‘wrong’ end of the season…

    P xx

  15. M.E

    I would wear the first and second one 🙂 have a great weekend!

  16. hillaryrose

    Not going to lie, I want all those dresses. So perfect for spring!

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