Vintage Vogue

I recently saw that Vogue had created an online archive for the magazine. For a mere $1,575 you, yes you my lovelies, can go online and view every page from every Vogue magazine ever published! While the archive is an amazing idea, I’m not willing to pay that much. I think I’ll wait for the price to drop down, ALOT, to let’s say $15.75? In the mean time, take a sneak peek at some of my favorite Vogue covers. The hippie in me has always loved the 70’s covers and I think the hand drawn covers are so chic. Which ones are your favorite?

1,2 – Cover Browser. 3,8 – Found in Mom’s Basement. 4 – Taaora. 5,7 – Love, Honor, Upcycle. 6 – Paris Hotel Boutique.



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6 responses to “Vintage Vogue

  1. Love Vintage Vogue. Just got their covers book and having so much fun flipping through it!

  2. Ugh, I’m totally with you on the price… But it’s such a brilliant idea! Love it.
    xo Josie

  3. carla mccarthy

    I will love to put my hands on it, or i mean hands on my pocket!
    Amazing…twiggy and Audrey are in my fave icon!


  4. Ahhh this is too cool! Love Vogue, especially vintage issues. Great pictures.


  5. Vogue and vintage are just a perfect combination, cause this is so beautiful! I would love to have the first one your showed. Love it

    XO Charlotte

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