Love Locks

I had forgotten all about this NYC happening until I read this article on Nicole Jane. It’s an old Italian tradition that when you fall in love with someone, to put a lock on a bridge and throw the key into the water below. A symbol of your everlasting love for each other. People have been putting locks on the Brooklyn Bridge, unfortunately the city has someone cut them off. Even so, I love the romantic notion.



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8 responses to “Love Locks

  1. i have never head of this tradition! too cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. It makes me want to get a lock and fly out just to see the bridge! Love this!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I think it’s cute! I saw this when I was in Salzburg, Austria, last month!

  4. Ah, love padlocks! I first saw this in Paris! There is a bridge there that is covered in love padlocks! It’s gorgeous! xo

  5. bigcitiesbrightlights

    i love that tradition, never knew it is on brooklyn bridge as well. hohenzollenrnbruecke in cologne, germany is full of the love padlocks. i don’t have a picture of it, but maybe you wanna google it, if you’re interested!

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