Etsy Giftswap

Recently I participated in an Etsy Giftswap. I loved the idea and signed up for it as soon as I had heard about it. I received so many sweet things from the ladies that I thought I would show you what I got!

1.Stationary & Jewelry from Connie of Daydream In Color 2.Cozy Headband from Lyndsay of Seams To Be 3.Intricate Clay Necklace from Katie of TeamCowanzk 4.Quilted notebook from Brooke of brookiellen 5.Linen towel & Garland from Kristina of ModernFrills



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6 responses to “Etsy Giftswap

  1. what a fantastic idea, and you gave and got such fun little gifts!

  2. The second gift is SO sweet! It sounds like this etsy swap is a really good idea!

  3. Cute! I just dropped everything I was doing and ordered a lunch tote from brookiellen by the way. It’s all your fault!

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