Top 5 DIYs

Whenever I have the time I love to put together a DIY. Especially if it involves sprucing up my apartment and even better if it involves glitter! Here are my top five favorites, many from ladies around the inter-webs whom I admire.

These are perfect for Holiday parties!

If an ugly pair of Louboutins exists, I will find them and cover them with glitter

My favorite DIY of all and a bargain compared to the $2,000 version at Restoration Hardware!

What’s your latest DIY?




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8 responses to “Top 5 DIYs

  1. Love the glitter pumps! I am attempting to make a housewarming gift for a friend, copying a vase I saw on Lonny, but as I’m the world’s laziest diy-er, this may not happen…love your picks!

  2. I love all these DIYs, thanks for sharing!

  3. Love all the glittery holiday goodness! ❤



  4. I definitely want to try out that sparkling canvas. It’s so pretty and would make such a great backdrop

  5. love love love #4. Something I’ve got to try my hand at.

  6. all of those diys are so great, if I had the patience, I would love to try all of them! x E

  7. tigersnooze

    I absolutely love all of these! I put glitter on everything and I’ve already put some on a bottom of my heels. Just waiting for that perfect pair to douse completely. Can’t wait to try the rest of these 😀

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