Mint Inspiration

This season I’ve fallen in love with mint green. Why wait till Spring to include a refreshing color in your home decor or wardrobe? I’ll definitely be including this color in my jewelry line very soon.

For even more Mint Green, you can check out my Color Pinboard. Where has mint green been popping into your life?




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8 responses to “Mint Inspiration

  1. I love mint so much, I bought TWO mint colored swimsuits this year!

  2. Beautiful choice of photos!! Love these!

    Fashion Translated

  3. Pretty, I love that vintage mint color! Can’t wait to see how you translate it into jewelry.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. love this color to death. so delicate and pretty
    hope you can stop by and enter to win some free stufff!! or just stop by. such a lovely blog

    love kat

  5. Hands down, favorite color!!

  6. Such a pretty and feminine colour—I just adore it! I would love to purchase that sweet parasol or maybe a pair of mind flats for Spring and Summer… thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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