Falling into Color

One Fall trend that I’ve been loving is colored denim. So often for the Fall/Winter seasons I see the NYC streets crowded with women wearing black/white/camel. I’ve always found color to be refreshing, especially during the darker days of the year. Check out these ladies on lookbook who aren’t afraid to get little colorful! Also check out some tips on how to care for your colored denim.
Photo courtesy of Christina C., you can also find her on her blog, Trop Rouge.

Photo courtesy of Flor de Maria F., you can also find her on her blog, Flor de Maria.

Photo courtesy of Joyce C.

Photo courtesy of Lucine A.

Photo courtesy of Laura E., you can also find her on her blog, On The Rack.

Some other colors I’m loving are Moss and Purple. Which colors do you like?



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6 responses to “Falling into Color

  1. i love this trend! i just got a great pair of dark pink pants from Forever21 under $30!

  2. Red and leopard is so one of my fave combos…and that green…GORGEOUS!

  3. My god, seriously I love colored denim and at this point I am desperate to get my own pair. Ahhh. Great post!


  4. I love this trend too! I don’t know if I can pull it off but it’s so fun and chic.
    xo Josie

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