A Tree House in Brooklyn

Every so often I do a post about a favorite far-a-way place. Today I thought I would keep it a little closer to home. If you don’t live in NYC you may not have heard about Alexandra Meyn of Bed-Stuy. She recently graduated with a degree in interior design and unable to find a job, she decided to build her own. Take a look at the tree house she built behind her apartment building. It is unbelievably shabby chic and if this doesn’t help her land a job, I’m not sure what will!


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14 thoughts on “A Tree House in Brooklyn

  1. Well that is quite the resume builder, no?
    LOVE the old mirror frames and antique feeling…so much history in that tree house and SO cozy for an outdoor space.
    LOVE IT!
    thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so cool! I hadn’t seen it, so glad you posted about it. I have friends with this same exact layout in Brooklyn, no doubt it will inspire many a treehouse!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Wow , i love it, love it, a dream come true for when company comes.
    do dreams really come true..if so when i wake up i am hoping i see that in my back yard….

  4. Is this a house or a refuge? It’s absolutely charming, and I want one too, but I don’t see the bathroom or the kitchen…or a closet or something that functions like one… But it has things most ‘houses’ don’t have until they’ve been lived in for quite a while – a personality of it’s own!


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